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News | won 3 "architectural creation awards" of the 15th Jiangsu civil architecture Association



Welcome to W2 Architects

W2 Architects was founded by Mr. Degang Wang in 1995 in Nanjing.

Creative and responsible design is what W2 has been trying to offer to both our clients and our society . With our outstanding design team, we are capable of delivering high-standard design from the early concept stage to the construction stage, in order to achieve a comprehensive final result.

With decades of experience in the design field, we have participated in thousands of projects of various kind, from hotels to resort planning, from museums to art gallery, from hospitals to elderly homes, we have been learning from each challenges and created distinctive design results in respond to different site conditions and client requirements.

At W2, we have a very high standard about whatever we deliver, that's why we have won lots of awards throughout the years: the Zijin Price, National Green Architecture Award, etc, and we have also been invited to the 2012 Venice biennale.

We are looking forward to future opportunities for creating more and better design projects to both out client and our society.


Wang Degang


National class A registered architect, professor, born in Shanghai in 1963, graduated from both China South-East University and UK Oxford Brooks University. Degang returned home in 1999 and worked in Design Institute of South-East University as Deputy Chief Architect, during which time Degang founded his own design firm W2 Architects in 1995. In 2012 Degang and his firm was invited to exhibit their projects in the Venice Biennale.

Jenny Yu


Canadian interior architect, with over 30 years of design and management experience, has joined as design director in many major international design firms, such as Earthtech Group US; Tasco, UK; HuiHong Group, etc.


Partner/Chief Architect

Italian Registered Architect, Graduated from University of Florence. With over 30 years architectural design experience, he has done extensive research into domestic Italian architecture and modern architectural design, and established a unique design perspective of his own. He has helped and led the design team accomplished many Characteristic Town design with authentic Italian architectural language.

Lei Xuesong

Partner/GM/Senior Architect

Wang Haichuan

Partner/DGM/Senior Architect

Xu Weidong

Partner/Chief Adviser

Shen Chao

Partner/Senior Concept Architect

Yang Jing

Partner/Chief Interior Architect

Fu Tingting

Chief Administrator

Zhang Yunyan

Design Director

Wu Jun

Senior Architect

Shen Yangyang

Senior Interior Architect

Wang Dongwei

Senior Administrator

Sheng Xuechun

Administration Assistant

Pan Chunmei

Office Assistant



News | won 3 "architectural creation awards" of the 15th Jiangsu civil architecture Association



W2 Architects
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  • Baiguoyuan, Lishui,Nanjing

  • QingHong Road Kindergarden

  • Ciqikou Commercial Zone, Chongqing


  • Church of Yao Fang Yuan Park

  • VIP Departure Lounge of LiYang Train Sta


  • Light Forest-LeShan Tower

  • The Moving Rhythm - Lishui Music Valley


  • Shenyang Huayi Art Center

  • Nanjing Youth Center

  • Lishui Suburb Regeneration

  • Prairie Chenbarhu Museum

  • Guanshan Tourist Station


  • Putian Sateri Exhibition House

  • Baochuan Park Concept Design

  • Xinhua Software Park

  • QingTao HuaRong Cultural Town

  • Nanjing Jiangbei Exhibition Center

  • Nanjing North New Area Exhibition

  • ShenZhen ChangShou Refurbish Project


  • FengHua XiKou Cultural Town

  • Shenzhen HB Cultural City


  • Beijing HB Qianmen Art Museum

  • Beijing Gongren Stadium Regeneration

  • Ningbo Jindi Business Tower


  • Nanjing Radio Station

  • Nanjing Headquarters Harbor

  • Nanjing International Exhibition Center

  • Kunshan Shangshang Huijin Center

  • Tianyu Natural Museum

  • JiangBei Avenue WanSheng Road Planning


  • JiaDing YangChuan Road Complex

  • Sihong Rice Museum

  • YanCheng Art Museum

  • JuhuaLi Business Tower

  • Funing Phoenix Cultural Square


  • JiangBei Avenue Planning

  • BengBu Hushan Complex

  • Nanjing South New City Hospital

  • SiRuiXin Complex

  • Nanjing International logistic center

  • Ningbo Jiangbei Civic Centre

  • ZiJiaKeng Highrise Residence


  • ChangZhou Lianchuang Software Park


  • Jiangsu Software Park


  • ShangHe Courtyards

  • Nanjing Nanyou Middle School


  • Suning International Auto Center

  • Nanjing Jiangsu Hotel


  • XianLin University Campus Management Com

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